Building Façade with Landscaped Bamboo Garden

“The central idea for 32 Gilstead is to attain reduction through a clarity that emerges from the anonymous simplicity of ordinary things. The combination of elements like the fins and stone cladding of the main block create a composition of simplicity that belies its strength.”

Principal Architect & Director, Ernesto Bedmar Architects

A timeless design with unrivalled living comfort, set amidst a lush and tranquil landscaped bamboo garden.

“I try to create beautiful and spiritual-oriented exterior design in harmony with the architecture and the interior. Sharpen your senses and find true richness in simplicity. I create spaces of ‘ Extremely Simple and Pure Beauty.’ I would be grateful if people living here could experience being in this space and feel it firsthand.”

Landscape Architect

“32 Gilstead is an exceptional space that is carefully composed, both aesthetically and functionally, using elegant, understated materials and colours to achieve a refined simplicity for one’s own enjoyment. Tactility, presented in the form of details and craftsmanship, create a timeless sense of luxury.”

Atelier Ikebuchi